What Content Performs Exceptionally Well for Lead Generation?

What Content Performs Exceptionally Well for Lead Generation?

In the quest to capture leads, we turned to seasoned marketing professionals for their most successful content strategies. From case studies and white papers to an interactive quote calculator, discover the seven powerful content pieces that stood out for CEOs and sales directors, and learn why they believe these strategies were a hit.

  • Case Studies and White Papers Win
  • Neutral Guidance Attracts Law Firms
  • Local SEO Checklist Drives Engagement
  • Detailed Case Study Demonstrates Expertise
  • Humorous Video Humanizes Brand
  • Customer Success Stories Build Credibility
  • Interactive Quote Calculator Engages Prospects

Case Studies and White Papers Win

In my experience, case studies and white papers are a lead-gen dream team. Case studies with specific industry wins and quantifiable results build trust by showing what we can achieve. White papers establish us as thought leaders by tackling complex B2B challenges and offering practical solutions. They work together beautifully—case studies validate the white paper's solutions, while the white paper gives depth to the case study results. This combo educates, builds trust, and captures high-quality leads all in one.

Adam Barraud
Adam BarraudAccount Manager, Growthlabs

Neutral Guidance Attracts Law Firms

One of our most successful articles is on 'The Best Legal Document Management Software.’ This has served as one of our best lead generators, and I feel that's the case for good reason. Something we learned early on, before Google ever released its 'Helpful Content Update,' is that providing value upfront builds trust and authority right out of the gate. While we do indeed provide legal document management software ourselves, this article is largely neutral and inclusive of the best options for law firms.

We have built on the basis of providing law firms with the best guidance and information possible. This article is comprehensive and extends past a mere list found on Capterra or other review sites. This article delves deep into the concept of document management—an important aspect for pretty much every law firm. Writing on such a topic has guaranteed us traffic because we noticed the market need, created a product to serve it, and continued educating law firms on how to go about finding the best option to suit their needs. LexWorkplace naturally stands out from our competitors, and readers who take the time to compare us to the other options quickly notice the advantages of going with LexWorkplace.

Dennis DimkaCEO, Uptime Legal

Local SEO Checklist Drives Engagement

One piece of content that performed exceptionally well for lead generation was a comprehensive local SEO checklist we created. This checklist was designed to be an actionable and easy-to-understand resource for small business owners looking to improve their online visibility.

The reason it succeeded was that it addressed a specific pain point—many local businesses struggle to compete online—and provided immediate, tangible value. By simplifying a complex subject into a step-by-step process, we empowered business owners to take action, which in turn generated a high level of engagement and shares.

The checklist's success also hinged on its timing and promotion. We released it just as a major search engine algorithm update rolled out, which made local SEO a hot topic. We promoted it through targeted social media ads and our existing email list, which helped to capture the attention of those actively seeking solutions.

The combination of valuable content, strategic timing, and smart promotion led to a surge in qualified leads, as recipients not only downloaded the checklist but also reached out for further assistance with their local SEO efforts. This experience underscored the importance of understanding both our audience's needs and the external factors that influence their behavior.

Joshua Bartlett
Joshua BartlettOwner, Double Plus Marketing

Detailed Case Study Demonstrates Expertise

As a marketing professional, I've had the opportunity to create various types of content, each with its own unique purpose and impact. One piece of content that stands out in my mind as having performed exceptionally well for lead generation is a detailed case study we published on our company's website and then shared on social media.

We delved into the challenges the client faced, the strategies we employed to address those challenges, and the measurable results we were able to achieve.

I believe the case study succeeded because it provided potential leads with a tangible example of our expertise and the value we can bring to the table.

Gaurav VasishtaHead of Sales, Salesamore

Humorous Video Humanizes Brand

One piece of content that performed exceptionally well for lead generation was a humorous video showcasing our team's quirky office culture. It succeeded because it humanized our brand, making us more relatable to potential clients. People are drawn to authenticity and humor, so the video resonated with our audience and sparked their interest in learning more about our services. Remember, sometimes a little laughter can go a long way in capturing attention and generating leads.

Alex Stasiak
Alex StasiakCEO & Founder, Startup House

Customer Success Stories Build Credibility

Customer success stories performed exceptionally well for lead generation. This format has proven effective because it showcases real-world applications and results of our services from the customer's perspective, making it highly relatable and credible to potential clients. Engaging narratives that highlight specific challenges and how our solutions helped overcome them resonate deeply with our target audience, often compelling them to explore our offerings further.

The success of customer stories can be attributed to their ability to humanize the brand and build trust. By sharing detailed accounts of customer experiences, these stories demonstrate the tangible benefits of our services, enhancing our reputation and reliability. This format significantly boosts conversion rates as prospects see proof of our effectiveness in real scenarios.

For optimizing the impact of customer success stories, it's crucial to present them in a compelling, easy-to-digest format, often enhanced with visuals or infographics that summarize key points. This strategy ensures that the content is accessible and engaging, making it easier for potential clients to understand the value of our proposal.

Ihor Lavrenenko
Ihor LavrenenkoCEO, Dental SEO Expert

Interactive Quote Calculator Engages Prospects

In my role at PanTerra Networks, we've experimented with a variety of content to capture leads for our Streams Cloud PBX, a UCaaS service. One of our most successful pieces has been our interactive 'Build Your Own Quote Calculator.' This calculator allows potential customers to input the size of their business, desired features, and call volume to instantly generate a personalized quote.

We believe the calculator's success stems from two key factors. First, it provides immediate value by offering real-time pricing transparency, a major pain point for businesses exploring UCaaS options. Second, it fosters engagement by allowing prospects to explore different service configurations and understand how their specific needs translate to cost. This interactivity not only keeps them engaged but also gathers valuable data on their priorities, making them more qualified leads for our sales team.

Shawn Boehme
Shawn BoehmeDirector of Sales, PanTerra Networks

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